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Volare Eyewear Folding Goggles    Let the wind blow.....but not in your eyes!

Do bikers wear goggles to look good? And what about the aging biker now wearing bifocals, can they include their prescription lenses in their goggles? Bikers need to consider the function their goggles can offer. First is protection. This includes protection from road debris and wind. Second, there are various lighting conditions the rider deals with. The same goggles should improve your vision on sunny days or rainy nights.

The Versatile offers protection (polycarbonate shatter resistant lenses with anti-fog coating), good vision under various lighting conditions (4 interchangeable lenses) and a special foam cushions the frame against your face keeping the wind and hair out of your eyes. In addition, you can include your bifocals glasses prescription.

The Versatile is available with 4 different interchangeable fronts!

Clear for clear nights.

Yellow to enhance contrast on darker nights or overcast days.

Gray for sun protection.

Amber that acts as a filter to increase contrast.